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D&P INTERNATIONAL is a newly established company from New Delhi, India, but its roots go back more than 70 years. Our factory have been making parts for motorbikes since the 1950s and we make original equipment components for some of the world’s most famous brands. Our factory produces world class products under the brand name of “MADBULL”. The factory and its operations are spread in more than 30,000 sqft area.

We now have more than 1,500 individual product lines in stock. One of the benefits of our approach is that all components pass through our warehouse and are inspected for fit and quality - we know that your classic bike is precious to you and we want to keep it that way (and if occasionally we get it wrong just let us know and we'll try and put it right whether by replacement, substitution or refund).

We have access to a catalogue of more that 15,000 (Yes, that's right 15,000!) individual products and while we cannot hope to have all of them available all of the time we will be adding around 50 new products each month. If there is something specific that you need and can't find then let us know and we'll do our best to help.

Our products cover a wide range.

We are famous for our Rubber products - Handlebar Rubbers, Twist Grips, Footpeg Rubbers, Knee Pad Rubbers, Gear Change, Kick Start, and all those small items that are difficult to find........WE HAVE THEM!

We are also the major supplier of saddles whether you need a traditional Lycett Saddle (we have 4 different sizes and types, 2 different colors, and repair kits too), a dual seat, a bum pad (3 types), a scrambler or trials seat or a fancy leather saddle for your Sportster or Knucklehead.........WE HAVE THEM!

We also have a wide range of metal items - Number Plates, Mudguards (imagine a new set of chrome on you Goldstar), Chain Guards, Rear Stands, Side Stands, Universal Stands and, and we have at least 50 Petrol Tanks in stock at any time - painted or raw........WE HAVE THEM!

We almost every type of headlamp you can imagine we have hundreds in stock - Chrome or Black, Curved Glass or Flat Glass, and all of the spares to to fix what you've already got - Rims, Glass, Switches........WE HAVE THEM!

Finally.....well there shouldn't be a finally because the list goes on forever ......we have a wide range of machined items Clutch Plates, Brake Drums, Spockets. Clutch Baskets for AJS, BSA, HARLEY, INDIAN, TRIUMPH, VELOCETTE........WE HAVE THEM!

Our service is second to none.

All the items that we offer for sale are in stock so there is no excuse if we don't dispatch them the same day that we receive your order (or at least the day after). Smaller and larger parcels are sent by DHL ecommerce, DHL Express and FEDEX.


Finally we offer 30 Day "No Quibble" Refunds. If the item doesn't meet your expectations then you return the item and we give you your money back.

Trade Enquiries Welcome.

We supply components to many of the leading repairers, restorers, collectors and clubs. We'd be happy to hear from you and to offer you our very best terms.